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Designer Chat | Meet Alisa

Today I'm sitting down with the red headed wrap fairy herself, Alisa DeMarco, mom entrepreneur and founder of Tekhni Wovens and Studio Tekhni

When did you begin working in the babywearing industry?

I’ve been apart of the babywearing community about as long as I’ve been a mother-- approximately 10 years. And most of those years involved a business of some sort. My first was a dye business which focused on customizing wraparound carriers and slings, called Color Dip Studios.  I also did some contracted design work for other carrier companies, including Natibaby, Oscha, and Wrapsody. In 2013 I left my corporate job and started Tekhni Wovens, and in 2018 I added Studio Tekhni. Along the way I have had the opportunity to work for and collaborate with other companies in the babywearing industry including Beco, Boba, Moby and Tula.  

Why did you create Studio Tekhni?

Studio Tekhni was created to fill the need for simple, modern products for the mainstream consumer-- basic ring slings, accessories and other products built with luxe fabrics for under $99.  The line was also created with the independent retailer in mind, and caters to our quickly growing family of wholesale customers.

What's your favorite part about working with retailers?

Working with our retailer partners means we stay true to our shop small, shop local roots!  We love helping independent retailers succeed, and fill a niche in their own neighborhoods. Through our retailers, we are able to put more babies on bodies, continue the babywearing community ethos of education. We are a small business supporting small businesses. 

What's your favorite way to interact with customers?

One-on-one teaching is still my favorite way to work a customer, whether at a consultation or at one of the many shows we attend such as MommyCon, a conference geared toward empowering caregivers, and Prego Expo, a conference geared toward empowering expectant parents. Helping someone learn how to effectively use a Studio Sling gives them a lifelong caregiving tool! The Sling can used from newborn and beyond, for their children, nieces or nephews, grandchildren and more- and helping someone begin their babywearing journey bring me incredible joy.

Where does your color palette inspiration come from? 

As someone who has always been attracted to color, curating the right palette has always been the best part of my job.  Current color trends and modern styles always play a role, to stay fresh and exciting. I appreciate bold pairings and vibrant, split compliments, and the beauty of neutrals.  And oftentimes, the greatest inspiration is what’s around me!

What can we hope to see from Studio Tekhni in the future?

There is so much more coming from Studio Tekhni!  Seasonal Sling collections will always be a staple, but new products will be introduced throughout the year. More bags and accessories and possibly a new carrier option-- all under $99 retail. Check in with us on social media to get sneak peeks of new products, and with your favorite independent retailer to see what’s coming up.

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