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The Sling | Why Choose a Ring Sling?

Are ring slings complicated? Are ring slings too hard to learn? Take it from our staff of real parents and trained babywearing educators- no! The ring sling is an easy to use, versatile, packable carrier that grows with you from newborn to toddlerhood. Modern parents know that keeping your baby close is beneficial for all. Experienced wearers know a ring sling is one of the best ways to do so. Allow us to answer some of the most common ring sling questions for you. Have an additional question? Please contact us! One of our professional consultants is standing by ready to help you use your Studio Tekhni Sling.  

What positions can you do with a ring sling? 

A child can be worn in a ring sling on the chest, hip, and for short periods with a cooperative wrapee, on the back. 

Are ring slings safe?

Just like our mainline Tekhni wraps and slings, our Studio Tekhni Slings meet US testing standards and have been designed with safety in mind. By following our simple instructions*link*, as well as seeking out help should you have any additional questions, your Studio Tekhni Sling will be a safe and comfortable carrier option. 

Do ring slings hurt your shoulder?

By utilizing a gathered shoulder, we have ensured that the weight of your child is distributed evenly across your shoulder and back. Additionally, our cotton and linen blend fabric gives you the strength of linen, allowing you to hold a heavy toddler, as well as the comfort and softness of cotton, allowing you to cuddle a newborn close. 

Are ring slings good for hot weather?

Ring slings (linen blends particularly) are actually one of the best warm weather carriers on the market. By only covering one shoulder of the wearer and with only one layer of fabric over the wrapee, most users find ring slings to breathe well, even in the warmest of climates. 

Will The Sling fit a plus size caregiver?

Yes! Generously cut at over 90 inches, Studio Tekhni's Sling can be worn by a variety of caregivers. 

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